Taiwan Airport Shuttle At Your Door

不要再扛行李去機場捷運,同樣的錢,直接從家到桃園機場!外交部貴賓專用車,越多人同行越省。全台市區到機場接送,路線最廣。拼車共乘 / 尊榮專車,種類最多。

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AirPoPo is a new choice of transpotation from Taiwan Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Downtown. We offer both shared-ride and private-ride service for different needs.

「桃园国际机场」单程费用 sharefun
group_add share sharefun
Region 以人头计算 sharefun
Taipei NT$299 - 0
Taichung NT$599 - 0
changhua NT$699 - 0
directions_car Special sharefun
Region 休旅车(1-3人) sharefun 箱型车(4-7人) sharefun
Taipei NT$777 NT$1099
Taichung NT$2399 NT$2799
changhua NT$2799 NT$3199

Taipeiswap_horizTaoyuan International Airport(TPE) Comparison


Cost (NT$)


300 - 399 /


799 - 1099 /


1000 - 1500 /


145 /


400 /

directions_transitAirport MRT

160 /

Time (min)












directions_transitAirport MRT






人数和行李较多的旅客,可以选择到府接送的专车服务,享受尊荣的包车接送。 **1月份优惠,国定假日不适用此优惠** 1人至3人只要NT$799/车,4人至7人只要NT$1099/车。 打算搭乘台北到桃园机场送机 或 桃园机场到台北接机吗?现在就下载 APP,实现未来属于您的停靠。 任何问题及合作意愿请发 support@airpopo.comsharefun



  • Is AirPoPo shared-ride service? How many people can ride in AirPoPo?

    Share-ride: The shuttle can accommodate up to 7 people with luggage. Private Ride: For 1-3 passengers, 4-seater wagon will be assigned. For 4-7 passengers, 9-seater van will be assigned.

  • What are the service hours?

    AirPoPo runs 24 hours a day.

  • What are the service areas?

    AirPoPo provides airport transfer between Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and Taipei City (Zhongshan, Datong, Xinyin, Zhongzheng, Daan, Songshan, Wanhua, Shilin, Neihu, Nangang, Wenshan District) and Xinbei City (Banqiao, Zhonghe, Yonghe, Sanchong, Luzhou, Xinzhuang, Tucheng, Xindian, Taishan, Wugu, Shulin District). Please download AirPoPo APP for more information.

  • How much does your service cost?

    Shared-ride: 399NTD/person (one-way). Private Ride: 4-seater wagon NT$899/car, 9-seater van NT$1199/car.

  • Is there a late-night charge?

    Passengers taking shuttle at 23:00-07:00 will be charged an additional late-night charge of 100NTD/person (shared-ride) or 200~300NTD/car (private ride).

  • Do you provide shuttle service to Songshan Airport (TSA)?

    AirPoPo doesn’t provide shuttle pickup service for Songshan Airport.

  • How long does the driver spend at each pickup points?

    Shared-ride: The driver will wait at most 5 minutes. Private Ride: The driver will wait for at most 5 minutes for Airport Dropoff and up to 30 minutes for Airport Pickup.

  • If I am a solo traveler, do I need to wait for the shuttle to become full?

    No. The shuttle will depart on the appointed time,even if there’s only one passenger.

  • What if my flight is delayed or postponed?

    Cancellation 24 hours prior to shuttle boarding time eligible for 100% refund. If you are unable to board the shuttle at the airport due to your flight being delayed for 30+ minutes or postponed, cancel your order, and contact for refund. Else, the fare is non-refundable.

  • How many days in advance should I book?

    Please book the shuttle at least 1 day in advance to ensure a seat.

  • Why does it show “no shuttle”?

    Because there are no remaining seats for the time you specified, please choose other pickup time.

  • When will I know the confirmed pickup time?

    The confirmed boarding information will be provided one night prior to the appointed date via email and app notification. If you have any question, please contact customer support +886 905-265-067.

  • I am traveling with children, do you provide child seat? Does my child have to pay full charge?

    Share-Ride: Not provided. Private Ride: Yes. Baby seats are required for child from age 0-4, and cost additional charge of 200NT/seat.

  • How much luggage can I bring?

    Shared-ride: Each person is allowed one 29" or smaller luggage and one hand-carried/laptop bag. Additional cost will incur per luggage exceeded. Private Ride: 4-seater wagon allows four 29” or smaller luggage and 9-seater van allows seven 29” or smaller luggage.

  • How do I find you at Taoyuan Airport? Do you provide greeting sign service?

    AirPoPo doesn’t provide greeting sign service. For Terminal 1, please go to Arrival exit's #18 Pillar. For Terminal 2, exit #27 Pillar to board the shuttle. The boarding info will be sent to you 1-2 days prior to the appointed date.


  • What method of payment do you accept? Can I pay in cash?

    We accept VISA, Master Card and JCB. We do not accept cash.

  • Can I change my pickup location and time?

    Any changes to your reservation should be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointed date. Please cancel the previous order and make a new one.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancellation 24 hours prior to shuttle boarding time eligible for 100% refund. Fare is 100% non-refundable for cancellation within 24 hours prior to shuttle boarding time. If you are unable to board the shuttle at the airport due to your flight being delayed for 60+ minutes, contact for refund. Else, the fare is non-refundable.


  • What kind of vehicle do you provide?

    All shuttles provided are licensed commercial vehicles.

  • Do you provide passenger insurance?